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UL Certificates:
-E230635 Communications Cable Type(s) CM, CMG, CMP,CMR, CMX

-E230635 Communications Cable Certified for Canada Type(s) CM, CMG, CMP,CMR, CMX

-E230636 Power-limited Circuit Cable Type(s) CL2, CL2R, CL2X, CL3, CL3R, CL3X

-E230637 Community Antenna Television Cable Type(s) CATV, CATVR, CATVX

-E464899 Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable Type(s) FPL, FPLP,FPLR, Power Limited Fire-Alarm Circuit Cable

-E464899 Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable  for Canada CableType(s) FAS FT1FAS FT4FAS105 FT1FAS105 FT4FAS90 FT1FAS90 FT4

-E476654 Flexible Cord Parallel cord, Type(s) SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3

-E476654 Flexible Cord Certified for Canada Parallel cord, Type(s) SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3

-E481521 for Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable.

-E494886 Appliance Wiring Material - Component,Multiple-conductor, thermoplastic insulation

-E494886 Appliance Wiring Material Certified for Canada - Component,Appliance wiring material, AWM Class I, Class II, or Class I/II, Group A, B or A/B.

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