New UL certificate

We got new UL certifcate E503691 on Oct 15th.2018 Type: Component - Wiring HarnessesStandard(s) for Safety:764 – Wiring Harnesses dated 2016-07-26 and CSA INFORMS Wiring Harnesses ...

KNX certificate

We, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corp. got KNX certifcate on Aug 16.2018.关于KNX中国组织   KNX是家居和楼宇控制领域的开放式国际标准。该标准已有20多年的市场应用经验,并于2013年升级转化为中国国家标准(GB/T 20965-2013《控制网络HBES技术规范——住宅和楼宇控制 ...

UL 2464 & UL 2919

We Zheiang Tianjie Industrial Corp. got new UL certificate this week, NO E494886, Type: Appliance Wiring Material – Component,Multiple-conductor, thermoplastic insulation 2464 & 2 ...

天杰实业•2017年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会Spring Festival Gala

认真务实 做好产品销四方齐心协力 做强服务争辉煌2018年2月4日下午,天杰实业在多功能厅隆重举行主题为“众人共筑天杰梦”的迎春联欢会。公司全体员工、员工家属、客户代表和嘉宾400余人欢聚一堂,共同见证和分享精彩纷呈的瞬间。《开门红》后,陈晓霖总经理做了2017年度公司经营情况总结和2018年经营发展目标的精彩发言。会上表彰了25位优秀员工、2位销售精英、 ...



CPR test report

We got 3pcs of CPR test report under EN 60332-1-2 from ISSeP this week. ISSeP Notified Body No is 2659.Details as following:Test Report No. Nr 4859-1/2017, Grade B2ca-s1,d1, Produ ...

The Fifth Lin'an District Government Quality Award第五届临安区政府质量奖

Based on the relevant provisions of the "Measures for the Administration of Quality Assurance of Lin'an Municipal Government", upon the voluntary declaration of the enterprise, th ...



UL CMP, FPLP certificate

We Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corp got UL CMP certificate (UL No.E230635) and UL FPLP certificate ( UL No. E464899) in 2017.浙江天杰实业股份有限公司(简称:天杰实业)于2017年取得美国保险商实验室最高等级PLENUM证书。证书号E ...


"2017年临安区电线电缆检测工职业技能大赛"于2017年9月24日在浙江天杰实业股份有限公司举行。临安区现有电线电缆厂家200余家,是闻名中外的电缆之乡。 本次大赛由区总工会、区人力资源和社会保障局主办;玲珑街道总工会、青山湖科技城总工会、区电线电缆行业协会、区电线电缆行业工会联合会承办;浙江天杰实业股份有限公司、浙江万马股份有限公司协办;区职业资格评 ...

制造致胜创天杰伟业 技术领先赢客户信赖

浙江天杰实业股份有限公司于2017年1月15日举办了2016年年终总结表彰暨迎春联欢会,会议邀请了临安市经济发展局、国土局、科技局、总工会、玲珑街道、中国银行、浙商证券、供应商、兄弟友好单位的领导。会议表彰了2016年度优秀员工、销售精英、优秀干部,对困难职工进行了慰问,陈总作了年终总结和未来五年的展望。 联欢会上各种节目层出不穷:新疆舞《达坂城的姑娘》 ...

Summary Audit Report of BSCI

We Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corp. got Summary Audit Report of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) in Nov 2016.Basic info:DBID : 364847 and Audit Id : 70746 Audit Date ...

NEEQ Stock Code 836767

浙江天杰实业股份有限公司成立于1993年,是一家专业生产各种线缆的经国家认定的高新技术企业,座落于杭州临安,交通四通八达。 公司现有员工300余人,厂房66000平米,年产值3亿人民币。主要生产:同轴电缆、网络线,警报线、安防线、音响线、恒温线、控制线、SPT线,火警线等。 公司于1998年取得ISO9001质量管理证书,于2007年取得ISO14001 ...

New UL certificate (UL No. E481521) for Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable

We, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial CORP. got new UL certificate (UL No. E481521) for Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable.浙江天杰实业股份有限公司取得新的UL认证,证书号E481521, 适用地埋低能电路电缆

Andina Link 2016

We Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial CORP. attended exhibition "Andina Link 2016" which locates Columbia from March 1 to 3, we hope to enlarge our South American market in future.

Wujiang(Suzhou) photoelectric & cable association

20 senior managers of Wujiang(Suzhou) photoelectric & cable association visited our company on Nov 27

Renaming Announcement

Dear customers and partners,To meet the challenges of intensifying market competition and promote a healthy growing, our company is now preparing for market listing. We have compl ...

Indoor optical cable category norms

The national standard validation named “indoor optical cable category norms” convened by the China National Standardization Management Committee held in Wujiang( Suzhou) on Nov 4. ...

Global Sourcing Fairs 2015

We,Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co.,Ltd, will attend Global Sourcing Fairs, Time: 11 -14 Oct ,2015, Booth: 11N10 at World Expo Exhibition Center,HK, hope to see you at fair.

New UL certificate-UL NO E476654

We, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. got new UL certificate (UL No. E476654) for Flexible Cord, Parallel cord, Type(s) SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3 today

Chief editor of the optical and electric communication magazine

Our chief engineer Bolin Du was appointed as the new chief editor of the optical and electric communication magazine organized/sponsored by optical communication industry alliance ...

Set up academician workstation

Our chief engineer Bolin Du on behalf of Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. signed agreement with Zisen Zhao (academician of CAE-Chinese Academy of Engineering) to set up acade ...

"Corporate Culture Handbook" Chinese version

Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co.Ltd. published "Corporate Culture Handbook" Chinese version in Jan 2015 Enterprise vision我们的愿景Global cable industry in high-end customers preferred ...

listed as "zhejiang Top Export Brand"

We got an certificate from Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province that cerifies Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial CORP. being listed as "zhejiang Top Export Brand", which period of ...

Win free Apple Watch

For enlarge our sales, we decide to implement a new policy from Jan 1.2015. If clients purchase 8 20'containers or 5 40' containers cables continuously from Jan 1.2015, then we wi ...

Signed agreement with Zisen Zhao (academician of CAE-Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Our chief engineer Bolin Du on behalf of Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. signed agreement with Zisen Zhao (academician of CAE-Chinese Academy of Engineering) to research & d ...

News on Hangzhou TV General Channel

We, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co.,Ltd. was on news of Hangzhou TV General Channel on Oct.14.2014,details links the TV news

Built up an UL Flame Test Lab

No. 23 Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Corporation Group (Shanghai Institute of a transmission line) and us have built up an UL flame test lab in our factory, wh ...