Alarm cable-shield type-square mm edtion

Alarm cable-shield type-square mm edtion

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Product Description

Product Construction          
Conductor:   Description Conductor(mm) Nom. Insualtion  Nom. Jacket 
Annealed stranded bare copper 2*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 3.4mm
    4*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 3.7mm
Insulation:   6*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 4.4mm
PVC   8*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 4.8mm
Color code: see chart below 10*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 5.4mm
    12*0.22mm2 7*0.2mm 1.0mm 5.6mm
Aluminum foil   2*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 4.4mm
Stranded tinned copper drain wire 4*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 4.9mm
    6*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 5.2mm
Jacket:   8*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 5.4mm
PVC (color optional) 10*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 5.6mm
Suitable for use from -20ºC to +75ºC 12*0.22mm2+2*0.5mm2 7*0.2mm / 16*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.5mm 6.0mm
Evey 2 feet sequential marking          
Include ripcord   2*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 4.7mm
    4*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 5.2mm
Applications:   6*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 5.3mm
Power-limited control circuits 8*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 6.6mm
Wiring of folllowing systems: 10*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 6.8mm
Itercom   12*0.22mm2+2*0.75mm2 7*0.2mm / 24*0.2mm 1.0mm /1.8mm 7.0mm
Background music          
Suggested voltage rating: 300V          
UL Type CMX, CM, CMR          
Packaging: Optional          
paper reel            
plastic reel            
wooden reel            
Color Code Chart          
No. of Cond. Color No. of Cond. Color      
1 Black 7 Orange      
2 Red 8 Yellow      
3 White 9 Violet      
4 Green 10 Gray      
5 Brown 11 Pink      
6 Blue 12 Tan      
Cable printing:          
Communication Cable - Sound / Security / Alarm *AWG/*C   (UL) E230635 (UL Grade) SUN RES (quality tracking NO) 002FT—****FT

Specifications︰ Multi-conductor, sound, alarm and security cable