UL Listed Underground Low-Energy Circuit Cable

UL Listed Underground Low-Energy Circuit Cable

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Product Description

UL Listed Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable
UL 1493 Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable      
Manufactured in accordance to UL Subject 1493    
For outdoor low energy landscape lighting      
Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable for low energy landscape lighting    
Direct burial high power or long run speaker level audio for outdoor speakers  
Conductors: Bare Copper       
Insulation: PVC        
Jacket: LDPE        
Color Code of Insulation:      
1.Red 6.Brown 11.Tan 16.Blue/White  
2.White 7.Orange 12.Purple 17.Yellow/White  
3.Green 8.Black 13.Natural 18.Brown/White  
4.Blue 9.Pink 14.Red/White 19.Orange/White  
5.Yellow 10.Gray 15.Green/White    
Electrical Properties:        
Temperature Rating: -20ºto 60ºC      
Operating Voltage: 30V        
Construction Parameters:      
Jacket Color: Black        
Packaging: Usually in 1000’ and 500’ spools. Other length available    
No. Conductor Size (AWG) Strand/Solid  Insulation dia.Nom. Jacket wall Nom.
2——19 18 16/30 or Solid 1.8mm 0.66mm
2——19 16 26/30 or Solid 2.1mm 0.66mm
2——19 14 41/30 2.65mm 0.7mm
2——19 12 65/30 3.3mm 0.75mm
2——19 10 105/30 3.8mm 0.8mm
2——19 8 165/30 4.7mm 0.8mm
Cable Printing:          
*C/*AWG (UL) E481521 Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable 30V AC FOR LOW VOLTAGE OUTDOOR 
LIGHTING Direct Burial Sunlight Resistant RoHS ***FT