BV Wire

BV Wire

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Product Description

Be used for general purpose indoor and outdoor as building wire for power,lighting and control wiring,also electrical tools.
Normal Area(mm²) Structure(mm) Approx O.D (mm)              
0.75 1X0.97 2              
1 1X1.13 2.3              
1.5 1X1.38 2.8              
2.5 1X1.78 3.4              
4.5 1X2.25 3.9              
6 1X2.76 4.4              
10 1X3.58 6.5              
16 1X4.52 8.2              
Wire printing: CCC  ZHEJIANG TIANJIE INDUSTRIAL CORP.   BV xxmm²  450/750V  xxxxm  

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