BVR Wire

BVR Wire

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Product Description

BVR wire is a kind of copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated flexible wire.

BVR wire is suitable for fixed laying of power equipment with rated AC voltage of 450/750V and home lighting.Fixed wiring can be used for indoor lighting, pipe piercing and other occasions.In order to facilitate the difference in installation process, can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, double seven colors.

Since BVR is soft structure, the range of motion is mostly in soft environment.The only difference between BVR wire and BV wire is that the conductor diameter of r-type wire is soft copper wire.That is: increase the number of conductors, reduce the diameter of a single conductor, the diameter of a single conductor less than 1 mm.In this way, the BVR cable is very soft, and the laying Angle is much lower than that of the BV wire, which is more convenient and fast when threading the pipe and line groove, which reduces the working intensity while greatly improving the working efficiency.Deeply loved by electricians and architectural decoration personnel.

Normal Area(mm²) Structure(mm) Approx O.D (mm)              
2.5 19/0.41 4.2              
4 19/0.52 4.8              
6 19/0.64 5.6              
10 49/0.52 7.6              
16 49/0.64 8.8              
Wire printing: CCC  ZHEJIANG TIANJIE INDUSTRIAL CORP.   BVR xxmm²  450/750V  xxxxm