speaker cables are suitable for use within audio and instrumentation purpose. The flexible cable is constructed with stranded bare copper, PVC insulation and PVC jacket.


High Performance UL Approved Speaker Cables / Audio Cable

Twisted-pair construction for rejection of outside interference.

Flexible low-friction jacket for easy installation.

Rip cord for quick, easy jacket removal.

With fine, high purity stranded copper

With sequential foot marks

24 22 20 18 16 14 12 gauge available


-99.97% Oxygen Free bare copper conductors
-High Strand Count
-Easy Pull Coated PVC jacket
-Easy Strip Construction
-ULListed, CMR In-Wall Rated, NEC CL3R, and CEC CMG FT4; RoHS, CE

Speaker cables consists of high strand count insulated oxygen free copper conductors in twisted pair construction (unshielded) with easy strip PVC jacketCable with sequential foot/meter markings, and room/zone/outlet designations for easy cable identifications


Speaker Cables are most popular indoor/in-wall speaker cables delivering premium performance and value.

Speaker Cables feature twisted-pair construction that reduces sonic degradation and interference even over longer distance runs. Twisted pair construction provides a smaller and rounder diameter that is very flexible and friction resistant.

Speaker cable made with the finest oxygen free copper in a high strand count construction delivering the best quality, performance, and value in industry.

Speaker cables are recommended by the top speaker brands for their consistent quality and performance.

Speaker cables are available in industry leading Pull Box; allowing for the easiest and fastest installations with no tangles and no wastage. In addition, all speaker Cables with sequential foot/meter markings and room/outlet drop identifications

Speaker Cables are UL and In-Wall rated. 

High End Professional Audio In-Wall Rated, Home Theater Grade, Speaker Audio