UL/CUL Listed E230635 UL444 CMP/FT6

UL/CUL Listed E230635 UL444 CMR CMG CM CMX

UL Listed E230636 UL13 CL2P/CL3P/FT6

UL Listed E230636-UL13 Power limited Circuit Cable

UL Listed E464899 UL1424 FPLP/FT6

UL Listed E464899-Power Limited Fire Alarm Circuit cable

UL/CUL Listed E476654-Flexible Cord

UL Listed E481521 UL1493 Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable

CUL Listed E494886 UL758 Appliance Wiring Material – Component

UL Listed E494886 UL758 Appliance Wiring Material – Component

UL/CUL Listed E503691 UL764 Wiring Harnesses – Component

We offer UL Multiple Listing

UL's Multiple Listing Service streamlines the process of offering identical private label products under different brand names. With this service, customers can leverage the advantages of UL certification and offer their private label products to a wider audience in both the United States and Canada with no need to recertify.

For example, the below UL No. are got from us through UL Multiple Listing service.

E489608 E482990 E364603 E364604 E346149 E198137 E198134   E494917