Quality Control:
1. quality control strictly executed according to ISO9001 standards

2. Our products passed UL ETL Reach RoHS CE CPR.

3. Using the domestic and international advanced   testing instruments

4. Every production process is tested and recorded.

Our Story of Quality Control:        1/1200 mistake

 A small incident that happened in 2000 is still fresh in my memory to this day.

At that time, 1200 coils of RG6 CCS conductor and 1200 coils of RG6 copper conductor of the same customer 

were sent to the packaging section at the same time. At the end of packing the box, it was found that the RG6

CCS conductor was missing by one coil, while the RG6 copper conductor was one more coil. The staffs of

production and sales departments present at the time agreed that this was the case in order to ship the goods

as soon as possible, this small mistake can be ignored. As the chief of the inspection department, I think:

Although we are only a small mistake of 1/1200, a product with inconsistent packaging is a 100% substandard

product for the customer. So I immediately organized 2 workers to re-select all the products. After two workers'

hard work day and night, we finally found the two coils of misplaced products. --------------Writer:Zhang GuoQin