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Document Name 
UL CCN Description  Standard Type
DUZX.E230635  Communications Cable  UL 444  CM, CMG, CMP,CMR, CMX 
DUZX7.E230635 Communications Cable Certified for Canada UL 444 CM, CMG, CMP,CMR, CMX
QPTZ.E230636 Power-limited Circuit Cable UL 13 CL2P,CL2, CL2R, CL2X, CL3, CL3R,CL3X,CL3P
HNIR.E464899 Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable UL 1424 FPLP,Power Limited Fire-Alarm
Circuit Cable
HNIR7.E464899 Power-limited Fire Alarm Cable Certified for Canada UL 1424 FAS FT1, FAS FT4, FAS105 FT1, FAS105 FT4, FAS90 FT1, FAS90 FT4
ZJCZ.E476654 Flexible Cord UL 62 SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3
ZJCZ7.E476654 Flexible Cord Certified for Canada UL 62 SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3
ZLIA.E481521 Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable UL 1493 Underground Low-energy Circuit Cable
AVLV2.E494886 Appliance Wiring Material - Component UL 758 1007 1330 1333 1569 1592 10070 1015 1331 1371 1577 1887 10198 1061 1332 1533 1591 1901 2095 2517 2651 2919 20276 20464 2464 2547 2661 20167 20387
AVLV8.E494886 Appliance Wiring Material Certified for Canada - Component UL 758 Appliance wiring material, AWM Class I, Class II, or Class I/II, Group A, B or A/B.
ZPFW2.E503691 Wiring Harnesses - Component 764 – Wiring Harnesses Component - Wiring Harnesses 
ZPFW8.E503691 Wiring Harnesses Certified for Canada - Component 764 – Wiring Harnesses Component - Wiring Harnesses