CAI Certification Schemes, previously known as Benchmarking Schemes, lay down the minimum standards of product performance based on specified parameters for satisfactory signal reception and network distribution. The testing and certification does not cover the standard of construction and durability.  These factors are left to individual manufacturer warranty descriptions.

There are two CAI certification schemes - LTE aerials and coaxial cables – and one joint CAI & DTG Scheme - the European IRS Certification Scheme.

The Cable Certification Scheme lays down minimum standards for the technical performance of coaxial cable based on the specific requirements for satisfactory reception and network distribution of signals from terrestrial or satellite transmissions. There are currently 7 cable certifications:

Type 100 
Type 125
Type 165
Type RG6 (SDU)
Type 100 5 Core
Twin Type 0.65
Twin Type 100

We obtain CAI certificate in 2021