E476654 UL62 SPT-1 wire / SPT-1 cable / SPT-1 lamp cord

E476654 UL62 SPT-1 wire / SPT-1 cable / SPT-1 lamp cord

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Product Description

SPT-1 Wire is the most popular SPT cord. SPT-1 has an insulation thickness of .030”. Because it has the thinnest insulation of the SPT wires, it also has the lowest amperage.

Ours Lamp Cord is suitable for lamps, clocks, household fans and small appliances where not subjected to hard usage (SPT-1 and SPT-2). Two conductors cord for use as internal wiring of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.  Three conductors cord for power supply to domestic refrigeration equipment and window type air conditioners (SPT-3).  Lamp Cord is suitable for use at temperatures not exceeding minimum -20°C or maximum 105°C.


Reference Standard: UL 62, NEC Article 400, CSA 22-2 NO.49

Rated Voltage: 300V

Rated Temperature: 60°C –105°C

Conductor: Stranded Bare  Copper

Insulation : PVC


AWG/No.of cores

NO./Normal Diameter of strand(mm)

Normal Thickness of Insulation(mm)

Over Diameter of Cable(mm)


20 x 2c



2.55 x 5.1

18 x 2c



2.7 x 5.4

18 x 3c



2.7 x 8.0

Surface printing on cable

Sample of lamp cord 18-2: TIANJIE brand or your brand (UL) E476654 SPT-1 60ºC 2×18AWG 300V VW-1 ***M

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