E476654 UL62 SPT-2 wire / SPT-2 cable / SPT-2 lamp cord

E476654 UL62 SPT-2 wire / SPT-2 cable / SPT-2 lamp cord

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Product Description

SPT-2 Wire features a thicker insulation than SPT-1 Wire at .045” thick. As a result, SPT-2 also has a higher maximum amp rating, and is able to handle more power.Because of its thicker insulation, SPT-2 cord is often recommended for lower temperatures where the insulation may get brittle and crack. However, the thinner insulation on SPT-1 wire tends to be more pliable, so some professional installers believe that SPT-1 is actually better for cold weather.

Ours Lamp Cord is suitable for lamps, clocks, household fans and small appliances where not subjected to hard usage (SPT-1 and SPT-2). Two conductors cord for use as internal wiring of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.  Three conductors cord for power supply to domestic refrigeration equipment and window type air conditioners (SPT-3).  Lamp Cord is suitable for use at temperatures not exceeding minimum -20°C or maximum 105°C.

Reference Standard: UL 62,NEC Article 400, CSA 22-2 NO.49

Rated Voltage: 300V

Rated Temperature: 60°C –105°C

Conductor: Stranded Bare  Copper

Insulation : PVC


AWG/No.of cores

NO./Normal Diameter of strand(mm)

Normal Thickness of Insulation(mm)

Over Diameter of Cable(mm)


18 x 2c



3.4 x 6.8

16 x 2c



3.7 x 7.4

18 x 3c



3.5 x 8.6

16 x 3c



3.8 x 9.6

Surface printing on cable

Sample of lamp cord 18-2: TIANJIE brand or your brand (UL) E476654 SPT-2 60ºC 2×18AWG 300V VW-1 ***M

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